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Arc’s laboratory is well-known to possess the layout, tools, equipment and personnel needed to autopsy the most complex contraptions. We have lifting, cutting, chopping, milling, grinding, baking, curing, replicating, welding and polishing capabilities. As such, Arc has been called upon to host other’s examinations whereby we provide an independent (neutral) venue. Data compilation and photography can be provided as well as secure indoor storage of exhibits in our sprinklered warehouse bay.

Arc has designed and fabricated laboratory test skids for in-house research, including:

  • power turbine simulator for high-temperature SO2 corrosion
  • flow-loop for erosion-corrosion of pipeline leaks

These complex apparatus boast state-of-the-art data acquisition and were developed with HAZOP safeguards to manage risk.

Other projects being developed are electrical discharge machining (EDM) for cutting and drilling superalloys and vacuum-pressure separator for bearing and filter analyses.